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Unbelievably, we got 12 bands on. Thanks David!

Thanks to all the bands, who tolerated a, shall we say "flexible", running order.
If I've missed a band's webpage, let me know.

The House Band.

Once again, hand plucked from the finest supergroups in the world, and fronted by, well, someone who should not be allowed to. Me.

We played a variety of tunes - "Black", "Starlight", "Welcome to Jamrock", "Won't Get Fooled Again" etc. We kinda mighta rocked, but whatever we did, we did it with vigour.

The Beverley Brothers

We welcomed back the Beverley Brothers from previous stock, and there seemed to be more of them this time. Good old fashioned rock and roll, with some simon and garfunkel.


Belize changed their name just before the gig. Originally slated for the Jazz stage they convinced us to put them on the main stage, which we then did for all the others, meaning we had 12 bands on one stage!

They were excellent and proved to us that we could intermingle more accoustic bands with rock.

Strangers and Aliens

Tim (drummer) played last time at the mighty stock, and came back with a completely different band and sound. More indie than drum and bass this time.

Arch Angels

People were a bit shocked when we had a choir on. They were superb, one of the real surprises of the whole event. A real mix of music, and apparently they made people cry!

Twisted Originals

These cats play rock covers, somewhat better than the house band did. I think they may be now defunct, but I'm not sure.

Pigs Might Fly

All the way from bristol, pigs might fly play sort of not rock music, not folk music, with a flute. Bit of a punt between two rock bands, but it worked well. People stayed, and that's how you tell!

Ironically, since Karen from the band took most of the good photos I have, there isn't one of them yet.


Chris (guitarist) playedat the last stock with his previous band. The Brazilian essence of this was another change in tempo and direction, and again it worked.

Very good and very popular.


This band was a sort of amalgamation of several other bands that had formed to play a birthday and liked it. Very good, although my memory starts to get distinctly hazy at this point.

The Snarls

A great manchester rock band, and worth of a late night slot (think we were about 11pm at this point). Cheersguys.

Thingumabob and the Thingumajigs

Go see these guys! Absolutely nuts - ukuleles, moustaches and music.


Makating are an old school oxford reggae band, who've had a coupla albums out. A most worthy headline act and one of the highlights of the day.