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Making it

Bout half way through.
I don't have any photo's from when we first got the hull, there's been a lot of work to this point. All these photo's are of about the same stage.

A tank theme was decided the day we picked up the hovercraft, based on Oddball's tank from Kelly's Heroes. Rather than a Merkin or English flag I'm having a Jolly Roger

I'm making the fan frame, just after having attached the duct, i'm thinking about flow straighteners at this point.
This is Austyn the cat. He hangs out in the garage and runs round inside the air chambers cleaning sawdust out. I can't say he's been much help.
From the side you get a feel for how big it will be. The skirt will add at least 8" to each side.
This is the result of a frantic weekend. Have attached the flow straighteners and the splitter plate and mechanism. The rudders have also gone on, I've reinforced their attachments to the duct with a little ali.
Just another view of the same, all looks pretty good methinks. Still some pop rivets to pull - they're in really awkward places and I have a shit rivetter. Current going is 3 pop rivets per blood blister, so I'm taking them easy!.

More soon.