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Making it better

Bout half way through.
Another manic weekend has the craft varnished. I managed to track down some "proper" NATO green paint, it's even Infra Red Reflective so I'll have a stealth pirate hovercraft. I've given it a good thick coat of yacht varnish, and I'll probably do the inside with it as well.

I've also fixed on the attachments for the skirt. At the top is 25mm*3mm ali strip, which goes all the way round. It stands proud about 10mm at the top, and the top of each skirt segment is clipped on. The bottom has "P" clips pop riveted on, and these will be tie wrapped to the skirt. I really don't like these 70 odd holes in the hull.

I attached one segment of skirt to show people what it's like. Most people imagine a more merican style bag skirt. Will only take an hour or so to fit,so i'll leave it till the end to save tearing.
Roughly speaking, this is what you see just before you go under it.
Spent a busy day bolting things together. Had cut all the new fan blades down previously and "just" put them all together. Because the fan diameter is greater than the width of the interior it all becomes a gymnastic endevour to move round and bolt it.

I've also put in the bulkhead under the duct (keeps the air in :) ) and put some floatation behind it (hence the rope and knot).

Under the hovercraft are wooden skids, with an ali strip on. The bolts for the fan frame go through the hull, and are recessed into the wooden skid, with the ali strip covering the heads. I figure this has lots of advantages (more waterproof, less likely to catch and stronger)

I like this angle, it looks mean. Very shortly there'll be an engine there, then a bit after, two passenger seats.
This one of the two dashboards. This is for the right hand side, hence the wire to the motorbike handgrip.

Indicators go on the right, and anything with a switch goes on the left for the free hand.

There's revs and water temp, oil pressure warning and a lanyard cut off switch.

More soon.