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And kicking hippies out of fields.

The quality of the photography has not been of the finest, and as midnight approached, it got worse.

This is the only photo I really have of Askim, the final band.

Askim play live drum and bass, and have two very tired looking drummers :)

They did the business.

My point remains.

This photo is here purely as the only one from midnight, when I turned thirty.

We drank a bit of champers and went back to the fray.

This is what we found.

Loud music, people and bubbles. Absolutely fantastic, far beyond what we dreamed of six months before. Possibly the best gig I've been to!

This is me in the middle, looking like it's my thirtieth. I didn't realise anyone had taken this, but freak boy here was doing a fine example of drugged pikey agro dancing and generally being a pain. He'd bounced into the girl behind me a few times and it annoyed me enormously, so I stood there waiting for him to bounce into me.
Which of course, he did. I equally can't remember quite what I was doing to the back of head at this point but, I hope it was funny, and just a little painfull.

He sat up _all_ saturday night playing 2 lines of Bob Dylan or something. He actually left at 7am, but someone had let his tyres down, so he came back. Bummer.

He was a nice bloke when sober.

I don't think there are any more photo's from this point on. We had DJ's until about 4am, and then the bands started coming back to jam (!?!?!), they were still at it at about 7.30am, when I retired.

Next day various BBQ's were had, people slowly left or sunbathed and we mucked about on bikes and quads.

Come early afternoon we started punting people out and had to break into one car to get it going. One thing about it was the kids, they were great - keeps everything nice when there are children about. Best thing was, they formed a chain and went over the field picking up litter, bless.

anyway, many thanks to:

Derek, Pete, Fran, the bands, David and his mate (note to self, find his name, fuckwit), Ratty and clan, Tim, Noz, Haze, Jay, Pete E, the beer people, the farmer next door, Jonathon(an?), Helen H for cooking, the kids (and everybody else) for cleaning.