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For gods sake man, why!

Like many things in (my) life, a plan hatched over a beer.

'A party, you say?','yes','why not have a crazed little festival','yes, why not'

So it wasn't quite like that, but nearly.

Anyway, next thing we know, I'm knocking a wall down with a digger, and Derek and Pete are beating the hell out of sturdy cattle stalls with an angle grinder and a lumphammer.

Then we built a stage out of huge amounts of wood and bolts, booked loos, made signs, grovelled with bands, invited people, ordered some beer, rewired the barn, built a BBQ, asked the farmer next door if he minded a 'few people' camping on his flatter field, built a little bridge between the fields, talked nicely to the neighbours, had a gate fitted, got bales, got tables, painted things, ground steel out of concrete, worried about the dog biting people, got the sceptic tank emptied, took some fences down, fretted about weather, made a (250K PDF) flier and another (350K PDF) one and some other stuff.
My personal obsession was with the PA, I've been to too many gigs with crappy ones - and we were gonna have the business.

After much rumination we spoke to Destanation Sound in Oxford, who I vaguely knew from old.

Lots of people we know have little PA's and we could have wired them all together and got a desk, but it would have been a lot of pi55 f4rting about. David would come up with an engineer, wire the joint and sort it. I'd give him some money. That's what we wanted.

And just look at it! More of the PA later.