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So start the bands

To my eternal shame, I can't remember what this lot called themselves, although it involved 'Brother'. They played a mixture of original stuff and covers but suffered slightly from us having just lit the barbeque.
Next up was our friend Chris' band, Omater. Chris is the finest guitarist I have heard, and this was the first time I'd heard them play, having missed them on numerous occasions.
They lived up to expectations and brought the crowd back in from the food. The beer was starting to kick in now, so a few started dancing.
These guys were the shock of the weekend. They're called Hurricane State and were a bit of a will they / won't they for a while. They turned up in their transit full of amps and a suitably evil grin.

Well bugger me if they didn't rock like nothing I've heard before.

I don't really know what they'd call themselves, but it felt like a slightly heavier live Who. Bless David and his mighty sound as a lesser system would have been utterly destroyed - the vocalist seemed pleased he could finally hear himself.

At this point, we were also having a comedy moment outside. The attentive reader will remember 'built a little bridge'.

They did this to people.

Well we had done, and worried about whether it would take 8 people, or the quad and were generally quite scared. Anyway, some drugged monkey decided to drive a van over it, realised half way through he wouldn't make the steep, downhill right hand turn. He anchored on and went through the bridge (only one half, the other held). Once Derek and I realised nothing of his was at risk we set up a light and watched the fun. About 20 people and a vitara(!?!?!) got it out. One of the three 'panels' broke, but the others were OK.