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With only one small bit of gate!

The cad dream
The Man didn't like it, he wanted mudguards :(. My explanation that since we don't have a roof, we don't go out in the rain didn't wash. So I started making some.
It was time to get cunning, and I wanted to make room for a wheel chock on each side.

Cunning, huh? I made a hasp and staple to use as a lock, but alas made it the wrong way round. :(

I'm very pleased with them, they look cool. Since the chap at VOSA went to look into his regs book and told me The Law, I made them to suit. However, I think they could loose a few inches......

The cats whiskers are also very annoying, they may also disappear at some point.

The third iteration of the lights and back of bed. Finally I'm pleased, just have to fit the hasp and staples to lock the chocks in place.
So I'll reverse up something to celebrate.
Above is the "CAD" image I designed for the frame which supports a tool box (left), with the HIAB in the middle and a bigger box on the right we haven't found a use for yet.

The highlight of the design is 4 pins which allow the whoke crane to tilt forward and rest on the back bed to lower the centre of gravity.

I'd made the bottom and top, and cut all the other bits to length ages ago, but got going on other things. It was great to just line up and weld.

More soon.

I never quite comprehend how much welding things will take, and, as it turns out, there's quite a lot.

I've removed the frame that the HIAB will eventually sit on.

Now I'm welding the sheet on, again, a wild underestimation of the amout of work - about 60 foot of welding! It's all 1mm sheet to 3mm box section with an arc welder. I'm bored!
Since I can't drill, saw or cut straight, I have to improvise. There's no way I could have cut out 10 sheets of steel by hand with a jigsaw, and I can't afford a guillotine. So, I destroyed another bit of derek's furniture.

It's a very useful bit of kit. I'm particularly proud of the "adjustment nails" which have proved useful as it's on its third jigsaw.

But a much needed bit of relief from welding up that bloody box! A 12,000lb 24V electric winch. Bit of a cheapo, but it gives us some experience, as we've never had one before. Seems bonza enough, and was decent money.
Starting to get there now, all salvaged from around the farm (it's the original back bed from ingrid that had our crane on).

Turns out the selenoid has a remote control receiver on it. Useful.

Finally - not that it actually took long. Nicely scavenged as well.

It needs a bit of bracing that I'll have to buy, but I'll put that on when we take it off again for painting. We also have to move a few things round under the bonnet so we can put the solenoids "indoors" and out of the way.

Currently there are two separate electrical systems and the 24V one doesn't charge. So the alternator is coming off and it's time for full 24V.

Yeah, OK - so it looks like I'm winching it downhill, but that's not quite true. I dug some nice big ruts just below the concrete step up into the field and we pulled it out, up and over. Did pretty well really.

We also unspooled the whole cable length and it's pretty long. It fills the drum more than I'd like when neat and I know it'll bunch up, so I'll probably lop 1/4 off it. Should also make it pull a bit stronger as well.

More soon.