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We can have fun in good weather.

I heard it discussed that one could jack a mog up by putting a bit of wood at an angle in front of the axle and then drive forwards - this jacks the wood up to vertical and lifts the wheel up.

We had to try, and it worked! The bit of wood was wrong (a random bit) and it slipped a bit sideways, wouldn't have taken the wheel off, but it's definitely viable.

Finally, after much fun with the DVLA (and the V5 is still wrong) we finally get an age related plate, and if only the "6" was a "0", would be much better.

Still, she looks pretty good. Definitely missing a new back bed (coming soon) and a roof, and a roll cage, and a winch, and a HIAB, and LPG.........

Still, she looks very fine. I think we're probably due a T-Cut and polish soon, now the paint is very hard. Don't want her too shiny though.
We revisited the mogstock quarry for a day to play with the landrovers, which was fun. Very strange watching them with no difflocks at all, not even a centre one. One wheel in the air or loose and they are stuck. The technique is very different.

I'm finding the slick operation of the diff locks to be the key, sometimes they really help, but it doesn't want to go round bends. Since they go on and off easily, it's just a case of remembering.

The mog walked up this with no problem at all, could probably drive across it with no difficulty at all.

There was this one chap there who was good at goading me into things. He didn't goad me into this but we have few photographs, he goaded me into some water which scared the willies out of me (was several inches above the wheelarches and had a bow wave!) but it drive through. I pulled him out, his engine was running, but no traction.

We went down to the very end of the "extreme route" which was overgrown from lack of use. This is the brink when turning from the track down the sides of the quarry to the bottom.

Need a rollcage!

We went to buildwas quarry to have a look at it as a mogstock venue. Had fun playing with the other vehicles. It was pretty muddy and the first time we've been out with all 4 new tyres. They're excellent.

We met up with mark from mogstock, who lives nearby. Got to use the new tow strap and shackles a couple of times.

There was a patch of nasty gloopy water and mud which I drove through a few times and nearly got stuck in.
For EvilStock II we needed to build a bridge 'twixt two fields. Graham and I knocked it up in two hours using 3 gates and bits from a fourth.

Once again the harvey frost came into use (we're not sure how we managed without a crane in the "bad old days").

Once lifted, we drove it out and round the farm, into the field and dropped it into place with millimetre accuracy.
It's just looking good, that's all.

More soon.