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Now we have to find things to do.

Our favourite bit of muddy hill has some big ruts right next to quite a deep hole. We're a tad worried about sliding into it when it's wet, so decided to shovel some gravel onto it.

There's a ton of gravel and a wheelbarrow or a crane. We chose the crane.

We actually got it onto the inner springs. It took a huge amount of cable before the back stopped dropping and bag lifted. But lift it did.

Then we drove up to the top. The angle was steep enough to ground the bag, and turn it into a very effective anchor, so we rearranged and drove up, no problem.

Backed it round and got the shovels out. Very good.

A big fencepost, in an annoying place? watch the mog do battle with it (5mb WMV) and win.
Then we get to drag it out and over to the fire.


Then we had to go and play round the farm. Great fun, if getting a bit tame now (42Km in 5 acres!).
Off to VOSA for a Road Worthiness test - not quite an MOT (we're waiting for paperwork) but testing the same things. They seemed to love it, we had 5 of them looking at it at one point.

It passed, and we got a few funny looks off people on the way as well.

We're getting more inventive with the farm now. Next time, I shall try and reverse down the steps, if it doesn't fall over, I may try driving up them.
I think it's at about 25 degrees here - it will go to about 40 before tipping, possibly more for ours, as it has no weight up top.

More soon.