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A safety device, and finally we can have a roof.

So, finally, a cage. It's very good and was made by Jim at Overland Components in knutsford (really, don't expect a great site!)

. We talked about what I wanted and I sent him some photos of ones I liked. Most of the cages I have seen for 404's just bolt to the cab, and that doesn't make me happy - it's not attached solidly enough.

I left him to work out "the details" and buggered off. Came back a few weeks later and there it was, my climbing frame!

The main strength is the double hoop and the rather substantial mounts to the chassis. The rest is just padding.

It rises to a pretty much perfect height and roughly follows the line of the original shape. There's enough room to stand on the seats and squeeze between them, and the windscreen will still fold down. We can also fit lights from the front hoop without going over the roof height.

It fits in the shed with 2" to spare. Never thought of that.


So. Articulation and all that. The very serious mounting here is bolted to the transmission carrier using the original holes, so by my reckoning it is attached at the centre of the point of flex.

I'm also minded to remove the original mount (you can see it between the inner wheel arch and the new frame) - but the middle would probably bend so I need to think about that.

The back mounts are very silly rubber mounts, and I intend to copy the original double cab pivot mount. Eventually.

I had originally said he could just weld the thing in, but it's bolted in, which is nice. The front is welded to the very substantial windscreen mounts, which are well bolted to the frame. The diagonal kinda buggers up access to the back, and reduces leg room a lot, but that's the price, you have to have one.
So, the full view, the bed is in my garage being sorted (with a nice little hatch so we can have the batteries under the floor). Still haven't quite worked the fuel tank out. The green can in the photo above is actually the fuel tank, which is a problem.

We're going to paint it silver.

Finally painted. Doesn't she look well! The ribbon is because I got married, and the mog is outside manchester town hall. Didn't leave any oil at all :)
So we need a roof!

More soon.