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A Unimog festival, in the UK, in 2006!

Mogstock 2006. It's less than a month away!!!!

Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May 2006.

Somewhere in the North West of England (Cheshire), there will be the first gathering of UK mog owners.

We'll show those yanks how to throw a party and get lost in the wilderness. In homage to NorthWest Mog Fest and Calico Mog Fest

Friday - Arrive and drink.

Saturday - More arrivals and a quarry visit (now booked)in the afternoon. BBQ

Sunday - Drive out and green lane mission in the Pennines somewhere.

Monday - Going home!

There doesn't seem a lot worth adding to the website. Email me for the further details, I'm looking for money to confirm places. Mail Me - jim ATE foodfight. org. uk

What is Mogstock

Mogstock 2006. Friday 28th April to Monday 1st May 2006

Most Unimog related mailing lists / forums are European (I can't read them), or North American based with some UK moggers lurking around.

Every time a UK mogger appeared, I'd mail them and got to know a few - surprisingly, two within 10 miles of my house. I've borrowed tools, dispensed and received advice, swapped parts and tyres, etc.

We haven't actually driven our mogs out - as they're all being rebuilt!

We're all going to meet!


Mogstock is a gathering of Mog owners, wannabe Mog owners and a few others. Nothing fancy - just a field, some tents, some Mogs, a couple of days off roading together and most likely of all - a pub or two.

Mogstock is private, please contact me if you want to come jim hat foodfight. org. uk - we are a friendly bunch - but want to know who's coming.

Mogstock will cost some money, not a lot, but some. Apart from fuel, expect a few quid for camping, and to have to pay for use of an off road course.

What's happening?

Friday - Arrivals, from about 3pm onwards. The site is 10 miles from J18 of the M6 at Northwich. More precise details by email. Unpacking, drinking beer and kicking tyres.

Saturday - More arrivals, and a visit to a local quarry site (Hill and Ditch, Mouldsworth), which is about 15 miles from the camp site. It is an old sand quarry in a big pit, with water and rocks and sand and mud. (Now booked)

Latecomers can meet here, or we can send a dispatch to meet you. BBQ at night & I'll see about a fire.

Sunday - Drive out up the Cat and Fiddle road up to Macclesfield for lunch at the pub at the top (we can scare a few bikers). From there, we will do some green lanes. Routes are being examined as we speak.

Monday - Going home, at a stately and dignified speed!

What should I bring?

Stuff that would be useful includes;

--- Camp equipment - chairs, gazeebo's, BBQ equipment.

--- Recovery equimpent - I have a steel mog recovery bar for pintles, but a few bits of rope & shackles would probably be useful.

--- Walkie talkies - I'll grab a few of the cutesy modern little ones, others would be useful.

--- Wood - if we're allowed a fire, wood would be useful.

--- Any spares to trade, see the Wanted page.

Stuff what's wanted

A good place to trade those bit's you've built up.

I've traded a lot of parts and tools with other moggers, and bought lots of cheap stuff - here's a good chance.


- Any desert expedition kit (it's for a U1300L). Let me know what you have.

- Any hydraulic kit for a 404, PTO, crawler gears or other cool stuff.

- Bumper & skid plate for 404.

- 404 seats

- 404 width-indicator stalks (for the front bumper)

- 404 Radio or ambulance body.

- 404 Half Shafts (someone's preparing for the worst!)

To Trade

- We have a second 404 which we bought for ourselves, but may part with bits to those in need.

- High comp head from a (apparently) suitable Sedan car - £200. Mail me and I can put you in touch.

- 4 x 404 drums in great condition and the back plates for sale ! any reasonable offer accepted !

Vehicles coming

What's coming

There's some nice hardware coming, we're really going to be something of a sight in convoy.
Me (jim) & Derek - with our (mostly) restored 404 and probably a jeep.

Dave - a restored to original 404

Nathan - A modded 404

Paul - Maybe a 404 or 416

Manfred - Maybe a 404 or 416

Cliff - Modded 404

Simon - 404 Radiobox

Stephen - 404 Radiobox (that actually radiates!)

Tim - U1300 and some mad modded 404

Gareth - 404 Soft top

Mark - Cool U1700 Ag

Joshua - Swapping an Iveco 4x4 for a mog

Jon - 404 Ex Swiss

Al - Modded Lada Niva

John - A visitor from the states(!), has a 404 that will stay there

Stew - Has an iveco 4x4, wants a mog

4wheel - A 404

David - 1300L

Guy - with a Wolf Land Rover (ex army jobbie)

Mr Perry - 404

John - ex german army 1300l