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Finally, some off roading!

Saturday we woke and had breakfast before setting off. One group left and then another - I went separately to drop my girlfriend off at the train station, a reasonable diversion. John was with me, and we got to the quarry - none there.
We had a drive around and still no-one. I only found out later that the two convoys had joined together and were playing follow my leader. One vehicle pulled to the front taking photos. It then turned off to get fuel, and of course everyone followed - alas, it was the wrong turn! Cue about 150 tons doing a three point turn in a residential street.

Eventually, everyone got there and the fun began.

We all started playing around, trying things. All of the 404's present were on their first major off road excursion. Dave and us had only put our mogs on the road in the last couple of weeks.
Early on we had a disaster, one of the 1300 campers broke down (at least they did something first), we thought it was stuck, but the gearbox had gone.

Mark with the 1600 dragged it to the top and had a look, without any joy.

Our "recovery" mog was dragged into action a few times. Once pulling a landrover off the extreme section....
...and again pulling a broken Niva out of the water (the front diff cracked, Al removed the prop shaft and drove home).

I was hoing to put up some more pictures of the niva - it was very good (and did last some time!), but we were too excited about the mogs.

This is Ed, who got up to some fair heroics on his trials bike, shame we don't have pictures of him riding up the cliff.
Next up we had Dave and his big MB winch. With a snatch block he pulled up a fairly hairy hill with some ease.
We were at the bottom, waiting for him to winch down, we talked about whether it was possible to reverse down the hill.
While we were doing this, he removed the winch cable and reversed down!
This is Guy and Pat in the "token landrover", it did alright, but it ain't a mog!
Mark in his 1600 set off up the extreme route, only to be repelled by overhanging trees. While reversing off, he had to remove a couple of small ones with a chainsaw. He then drove down very easily.
We got in the cab and went for a drive, it was an awesome experience, so very surefooted and noisy.

Can't decide whether I prefer it to the speed (ahem) of the 404.

The Brummy boys, Jon and Scott had arrived with a recent 404 purchase. Apart from removing the box they didn't really do much to it, but they'd got a good one. After pussying around for a while, they got into it and did lots of mad things.

Here, they're reversing to pick up a spare wheel, or something!

They were very good and really gave it hell. The fact they had an 18 ton truck to put it on was irrelevant.

The 1300 gearbox was not going well at all, despite much effort. Mark went back to his mog, and John and posse went for rides in others' mogs.
During the day, two tidy 404's had turned up. Simon and Naomi arrived in camper radio box, and very cool too. They'd driven from Glasgow and were, perhaps, a little more restrained in their off road driving, not to say they pussied around.
They've put some very cool miles on their mog (Iceland).
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