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There's a long way to go

A sow's ear.
Finally, there's some hot wheelarch action. It's a mix of welding and brazing and it'll clean up alright.

Feels good to have the beginning of the mog look returning.

One of the key bits of the mog look is the grill and the little arch over the PTO, most of which has corroded completely away.

The only bit left was the top of the arch, so with these bits of steel I shall have a go at rebuilding it.

The whole front piece is available for about £150, but there's no way we could have fitted it.

Hmmm, it's not perfect - about 1cm too low, but not bad given what I had to work with.

I think I'm happy with it.

Next is the right hand side of the grille, where it has rusted through.

This is when I'm glad I have Oxy/Acet gear as well as arc. Bend one piece of steel up and weld it between the two bits. With enough heat (and new metal!) it looks good.

Together the two bits have restored the look of the front.
What it really needs now is another wheelarch (and various other missing bits of of steel).......
Which it has now!

The other wheel arch had to be modified and was generally a pain, this one was easy.

Finally the look is complete!

It's going down to the farm in 3 days, where I wil turn it upside down and weld the bottom, then going to paint it.

More soon.