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We finally have one big bit to bolt other bits to!!

The shocks are on now. We also (fairly randomly) painted the transmission carrier red as well, partly because it is unique to the mog, partly because I like red.

The black lever on the carrier (foreground) is the lever for locking the differentials, it was seized before. Not any more!
The pedals also got the red touch, the pedal box is nearly ready to go back on as well.

Everything moves so nicely now. I promise to keep it greased.

And the gearbox finally springs (dangles) into action.

The unpainted bits are where the straps were, will have one last go round with paint.
The result of a good days work, I'm well pleased. Didn't get the front axle on, but did a nice job with the rest.

Time to order some more bolts!
The back's pretty much back together now. The handbrake is on and works, the diff lock lever is on as well.

Just needs orange wheels.

This is what you see just before you get reversed over.

Time to put the front axleback in, I just knew this was going to be a palava(?).

It's much harder than the back because the gearbox is in the way.

There is, nevertheless, a cunning way....

It's not well shown here, but the axle has to be at an odd angle to the chassis.
You can see here how the axle is skewed to the left. This makes it much easier to slide the u-joint and cover into place.
Yeah, finally in now, panhard rod and all.

Time for springs.

Well, bugger me sideways. How cool is that?

Still lots of work to do, but it's a Unimog again!

It really is a Tonka!

More soon.