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Now, it starts to get serious!

Gear box

Current operation is to get the gearbox out.

Oh, if it were only that simple. There's only 13 stages, but stage 1 is "remove front axle"

Since the gearbox is under the cab, supported by the engine _and_ transmits all the force from the axles, it's a bugger to get out. Moral is - look after the gearbox.

So here we go, wasn't what we'd planned to do that evening, but it had to come off some time. We didn't have a big enough socket to crack the hub bolts, and it was just gone 6pm. We think we'll be able to crack it with a little weight and ingenuity.

The manual specifically states "jack chassis up, and support with headboard". We didn't get underneath it, although we did hit it with large hammers.

Getting the axle off was not too bad - just surprisingly fiddly, like getting a sofa up stairs. Once you're at the top, you don't know what all the fuss was about.

Yeah, it's off now. Bloody heavy, but moves very easily - you can see the cardan joint (a type of CV joint) turning backwards (because of the portal). There's essentially no slack.

Now for the gearbox.

She's coming apart nicely, tranny hanging and the rear propshaft off - you can see it isn't small!

Next job is working out how to move the now 2 wheeled mog chassis.

"there's an old trailer somewhere isn't there? Pass me the grinder"

So, here we have it, moving the mog back into the back of the shed, we should be sandblasting it soon and painting. The chassis is surprisingly light, I can lift the front now the tranny is out (just)

Hmmmm, I have an idea.

It's a good look. Shall we have a mog dragster?

That'll be a no then.

More soon.