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Sheesh, I hate painting.

Lots of bits.

Needing painting.

Here's the chassis, pretty much ready for painting. There's some paint left, but it's not hiding rust and is well scored. The white is zinc from the chemical treatments before the paint (por-15) goes on.

If I had to do it again, I'd have paid for evil acid dipping.

The rest of it is coming along as well. The pain is in the prep, painting doesn't actually take that long at all.

The back axle is done, and the front is getting there. It's worth getting lots ready to do before painting.

Then one can dress up like a cross between Goldie Looking Chain and an asthmatic gimp.

Por-15 gets you real high, real quick (as you can tell).

First coat done - the paint is great.

When I got the paint I was surprised by how "thin" it felt in the tin. Indeed, it is very thin and paints very well. You really need very little at all.

I think this is after the chassis coat. Por is shiny, and a final coat dulls it off nicely.
Yes! a painted axle, just needs a coat of top coat to flatten it off. They look really nice now.

The shiny bit with the paint run (right hand side) is a carden joint, like a double universal joint. They are exposed and spin backwards, double speed. I'm going to paint white and red stripes on them to disturb those in front.

Random assorted bits.


Amazing what one can do with a couple of afternoons (plus some more).

It's nice having facilities. I'd used 6 trestles before I ran out of them (and I have 2 at home!).

We're at a point where we can think about putting things back together again!

The final bit of big painting - the Gearbox.

We're not going to do the engine, as it never looks good unless you take it all apart.

We'll polish the alloy and it'll be fine.

More soon.