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Taking it apart, sorting it out and putting it back together again.

A sow's ear.
No, it's not deep sea exploration, it's the steering box.

This is what we're dealing with. It's been left outside, and although it hasn't been driven much, it hasn't been washed either!

Isn't it fabulous??? It is the perfect metal incarnation of every truck you built out of lego when you were a kid. I quite want to put a scaled up Mini body on it, and have a twice size mini.

We've looked in the steering box, the rocker cover and the gearbox and there is very little wear, so we're happy.

With a bit of luck, we can split it down to unit level, and clean and paint the units - without having to split them all down. Everything seems to actually work (including the diff locks).

And this is a portal axle. Very few vehicles have these (the _real_ Humvee does, but the pissy (little!) H2 doesn't). Admittedly, they're fairly rusty portal axles, but everything is sound, just needs a wirebrush and some paint.

The portal axle means there is a gearbox in each hub, with the axle attached well above the centre of the wheel. this gives great ground clearance. It also reduces the amount of force in the axles, allowing a smaller differential - also helping ground clearance.

This (distorted) view shows the frame and the torque tubes. These do a couple of things, firstly they stop any torque reaction against the diffs. If you fire a lot of force through a diff, it will try and turn with the axle. The torque tube stops this, and it also transmits the thrust from the wheels to the gearbox. All the force from the wheels goes through a hinged tube from the gearbox to the chassis.

Apart from having suspension travel, Unimogs also flex a lot, this drive system is part of that.

The engine is out now, I suspect a whole new world of joy is upon us. Apparently there is a particular head from some random old Merc which gives a startling power increase, due to a better compression ratio. I'm keeping my eye for one.
This is where we work, the bat cave.
With the, frankly little and pissant, engine out, the mog is revealed for what it is - a transmission with a couple of springs attached.

More soon.