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Putting the cab back on.

So we start dangling the cab on. The steering box has been removed and dropped to the floor, then we can just drop it straight on.

I have to admit to a few nerves doing this - a heavy lift for the hiab, and after all the welding - is it still straight!

Went on very nicely - used a few bits of wood to support it, and make larger landing pads.
First the front is bolted down, as it lets the back pivot.
Then the back gets bolted in. the Middle mounts are solid, and the backs currently are meant to be mounted on rubber, which we don't have.

So we used a bit of wood.

All bolted down now. I'm very frustrated by having to wait for the loom to be fitted before any more of the mechanics (radiator etc).

Be a while till we can go for a spin.

Oh, this is the loom - or at least most of it.

I'm _so_ very glad not to be doing it

Finally it makes it into the mog, there are so many wires, I have an urge to comb it!
This is how it looks now, very much different to an earlier picture Here.

So much painting, so very much!

It doesn'nt need combing anymore, looks fabulous. Derek has done a fantastic job.

All brand new and properly made.

Which allows us to start putting the dials and switches in, making the cab fantastic. Going to brush paint one of the doghouse covers so I can bolt the seat in.

We need to terminate a couple of wires, fit the seat, fit the radiator and put trans oils in - then we can drive round the farm!

More soon.