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I haven't been this silly since I got my first BMX

We got to the farm early. Pete added the battery holder, battery and air cleaner. I finished changing the oil in the various (&!) gearboxes, nasty job and then bolted the bumper on.

After that we pushed the old mog out with our towbar. (3mb WMV)

Of course, we didn't take any pictures, as that would've been too easy. We drove up the bit we'd driven up the first time (when we drove through a fence) and then down again (3mb WMV) and it was no problem.

The onto the field for some hooning. It is entirely possible to get a mog sideways on grass.

Everything seemed just a little too easy, so we added the old mog on the back with the bar.

Off to try (and fail) to climb our favourite muddy hill. (4mb WMV)

Hmmm, Dereks grassland is now, err, sculpted.
Yes, we got it muddy!

After some abuse, the gearbox limbered up, as did everything esle. We had wicked fun hooning round the field, got it up to about 40 mph on the grass. The engine is amazing, it will set off in top gear and 4 wheel drive on grass. Giving it murder in top in two wheel drive, we got 40 foot plumes of mud in the air.

Well, time to park them - we can use the bar to parallel park the other mog on the step, making it easier to get in and out.
Just for once, we decided to take pictures and video whilst using it for razzing round the farm (5Mb WMV) So much fun.

Check out the look on my face when I go over the drop at the end - it's the best video so far

It also has some working lights now as well. Which is nice.

It's lovely to drive.

While this has been going on, we have been building a frame to support the bed we got with it (a big sheet of steel chequerplate with arches welded on).

It's pretty nasty. We have an original bed to fit (from spares mog), but it's rusty and needs shortening, and needs beefing up to take a 1.5ton HIAB crane.

The nasty back is an afternoon with the hammerite, and a bit of welding.

We also found a bit of "rock" to "crawl" up, it was too easy. It was a bit of a kerfuffle because it had to go out diagonally, with little clearance.
The back just went up nice and easy as well.

At one point (somewhere else) I actually got it on three wheels - one rear hanging. There isn't enough weight on the back yet.

More soon.