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She's such a beast!

Here we have the bits hanging off the transmission complete as well. The handbrake works and is adjusted - although it is bound to need redoing soon.

The rubber covers for the ball joints are on as well (the two tubes running from the transmission move with the axles).

Now the steering is on as well.

The actual steering box (green) is mounted to the chassis via a carrier (red). It was an absolute pig to separate but went back together really easily.

I am having completist pangs about the green steering box.....

Here we go! Sorry about the dark picture, but it was late.

Doesn't she look well!!!!

On go the brakes!

I had problems geting a flaring tool, eventually a really sound truck place (Warrington Truck) lent me one, and it was done.

Here we go again!

Steering damper is on as well as the brakes

Cagey lifting is us!

Actually, it's well within the HIAB limits, but still a bit nerve wracking - trying to inch with electo hydraulics.

One has to get the correct angle of dangle.

And she's in! We'd have rushed around to try and start her, but we're waiting for an inlet manifold.
We have decided to use a set of original tanks we bought from ebay, they're a bit rusty (hel, no change there), but solid.

We'll leave them shiny por-15, rather than flat.

The view from the front.

A bit more attached - fan and steering drag bar. The steering has also been painted black to match.

Not shown here are the new tyres we've bought - 10.5*20 MPT's (which in english means big and chunky!). We've also just received the intake manifold and a few random parts. May have the engine running soon.

Lots of wires and cables have been added recently, and we are (genuinely!) near starting the engine for the first time in a year........

[EDIT} - we have started him and the engine ran great.

It's really coming together. Have just adjusted the valves, greased all the nipples, loosened off all the dampers (as it was a bit stiff).

Next job is to put the cab on.

We've had a dodgy bent back piece since we got the mog, and it took ages to track spares down, now I have two.

We have also inherited three different kinds of hitch - we'll stay with an agricultural one, as it fits our recovery bar.

More soon.